Hinshaw Music, 2006

This lullaby was originally written for his first daughter before she was born. It eventually won a prize in a choral composition contest, was performed, and was published by Hinshaw Music- Dan’s very first Hinshaw publication, accepted along with Words From Paradise in one eventful day that was the beginning of what is now a deep and longstanding composer/publisher relationship. The text is by an anonymous poet, and the connection to Basque culture is unclear. The piece is also available with a new Christmas text by Charles Anthony Silvestri (A Christmas Lullaby), and also in a transcription for wind band which has been widely performed across the US and internationally (published by C. Alan Publications).

Video above is of the Hwa Chong Choir (Singapore), as part of their contest- winning performance at a choral festival in Czechoslovakia.

Lullaby, twilight is spreading
Silver wings over the sky;
Fairy elves are softly treading,
Folding buds as they pass by.
Lullaby, whisper and sigh,
Lullaby, lullaby.

Lullaby, deep in the clover
Drone the bees softly to rest;
Close white lids your dear eyes over,
Mother’s arms shall be your rest.
Lullaby, whisper and sigh,
Lullaby, lullaby.

Tags: Children