What I Believe

I believe that:

  • All good things, including any beauty that we encounter, are from God, through God, and ultimately to God. All beauty is God’s beauty, wherever it is found.
  • Our world was designed to be a place of beauty and goodness, but was marred by sin, and continues to struggle with evil. But one day God will make things fully right again; and in the meantime, beauty and goodness are not totally lost- they still shine through, and point us toward the way things ought to be.
  • Whatever abilities I have, for creating beauty, are gifts from God. So I will make the most beautiful music I can, not because music-making is my ultimate end, but because I want to press my gifts to their maximum potential toward the true ultimate end: glorifying God. This is equally true of my “secular” music and “sacred” music, of my concert music and church music.
  • Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. “He must increase, and I must decrease.”