Hinshaw Music, 2006

Five-movement work for a cappella choir, in which each movement’s text is one word of Scripture. Winner of the ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composer’s Award as well as the ACDA Raymond Brock Award. Each movement available individually; may be performed individually or as a set of 2-3, but the best effect is achieved by performing the entire cycle (c. 20 minutes). (Some movements also available for TTBB a cappella chorus).

Holy incorporates mysterious harmonies and altered scales to portray mystery and awe.

Hallelujah explores the speech rhythm of the word in 7/8 meter, along with choral whispering.

Selah, the first of the set to be written, explores the word’s meaning- a pause, or rest- the suspension of time- for pondering.

Hosanna, rather than staying true to speech rhythm and speech accent, deconstructs the word into its component syllables and explores the musical possibilities of the syllables.

Amen is closing motet- “So be it”.

Tags: Major Work, Professional/Collegiate Repertoire