Beckenhorst, 2015

Chris Anderson’s modern hymn text with a strong creedal, trinitarian emphasis provides a powerful statement of faith, set to the composer’s original hymn-tune and arranged for SATB choir and piano and/or organ accompaniment, optional congregation (reproducible handout for fourth stanza is included in the octavo), and optional brass quintet and percussion.

An accompaniment CD (using the brass quintet) is available from Beckenhorst Press.

A full orchestration is also available from Beckenhorst Press.

A songsheet for congregational use (all four stanzas, includes both hymnal and lead-sheet styles) is also available from Beckenhorst Press, and may be used by itself, or along with the choral anthem.


We believe in God Supreme,
Ever present, never seen;
God Most High, who reigns above;
Father nigh, whose name is Love.
We whose prayers to God ascend
Praise creation’s Source and End.

We rejoice in Jesus Christ-
God’s own Son, our Sacrifice;
Very God, yet virgin born;
Sinless, yet for sinners torn.
We whom Jesus died to win
Know He lives to come again.

We adore the Spirit free-
Author of our unity.
Giver of the sacred Word,
Wellspring of the second birth.
We whom He indwells and fills
Yield our hearts and minds and wills.

We, the Church, affirm our faith
In the Triune God of grace;
Kingdoms fall and ages change;
Faithful, changeless, God remains!
One in Christ, we lift one voice!
We believe, and we rejoice!

-Chris Anderson

Tags: Worship

Instrumentation: Piano, Organ, Percussion, Brass Ensemble, Orchestra, Audience