Lorenz, 2012

Commissioned by the Baptist Church Conference, 2012, this anthem, with Johanna Anderson text, considers the timeless and limitless nature of an eternal God.


Time, the ever-changing season,
Space, the limit of a man,
Clinging now to fragile reason,
Limited in scope and span
Fettered to a finite place,
Sentence of the human race;
Lord, we long to see your face–
Descend to us again.

These are all divinely wrought:
The galaxies and spheres,
The swiftness of immortal thought,
The mystery of years.

As we pray Him, Jesus is our
Refuge from the fallen age;
Peace is with us ‘mid the flaming
Centuries of war and rage
Infinite, the God we see,
Framer of eternity;
He will never cease to be
Who evermore has been.

Christ of mercy without measure,
Filling sea and sky and earth,
Christ, the everlasting treasure,
We extol your matchless worth!
Yesterday, the spotless Lamb,
Still today, the Son of Man,
Evermore the Great I Am,
Beginning unto end.

-Johanna Anderson

Tags: Dedication, Worship

Instrumentation: Piano, Horn, String Orchestra