Hinshaw Music, 2014

Second movement of Dan’s “Three Nocturnes” for chorus and percussion ensemble, now available as a stand-alone choral octavo after repeated requests from conductors.

Instrumentation for Nocturnes, mvmt 2 only (Lightly Stepped A Yellow Star). *Can be a a bit flexible if needed:

    • Vibraphone (+bow, preferably double bass)
    • Glockenspiel
    • Xylophone
    • Chimes (rawhide mallets preferred)
    • Triangle (preferably a very sweet 4”; a second triangle may be useful as well)
    • Finger Cymbals (a second cymbal or pair may be useful)
    • Tambourine (a second tambourine may be useful)
    • Bell Tree
    • Temple Blocks (3)
    • Suspended Cymbal (soft mallets, plus wire brush and coin)
    • Timpani
    • Celesta (or a keyboard with quality celesta sound)
  • *Note: not every instrument is absolutely essential; the piece can actually be performed quite well with piano covering the eighth note ostinati where needed, plus a few percussion instruments; but the more color, the better.
  • For full instrumentation of the entire work, Three Nocturnes, (including additional instruments used in movements 1 and 3), see the Three Nocturnes page.

Instrumentation: Percussion