Beckenhorst, 2016

Setting of Eileen Berry’s text, for SATB voices and piano.


Each time I stand and wonder at the vastness of the sea,
I know that there are mysteries too great and deep for me.
The wide expanse of water reaches far beyond my sight,
And yet I know the One to whom its depths are full of light.

The mighty waves roll in to shore and break upon the sand,
Compelled by unseen forces that I cannot understand.
The currents run beneath the waves in perfect, charted paths;
A skillful hand directs their courses, as it ever has.

The ocean teems with living things who never see the sun,
And yet there is an eye who sees and knows them, every one;
And that same eye has fathomed all the myst’ries of my days;
When tears have dimmed my sight, a heart of Love still charts my ways.

When simple explanations lie too deep for me to find,
I rest in God who holds the whole creation in His mind.
I hope in Him whose skill and wisdom far exceed my own.
The secrets of the hidden depths belong to God alone.

-Eileen Berry


m.9 Piano LH beat 1 should be a third lower (B/F#)
m.16 Piano LH beat 2 should be a third higher (D/A)


Tags: Memorial, New, Worship

Instrumentation: Piano