Beckenhorst Press, 2014

A powerful setting of Dustin Battles’ Lenten text, echoing Christ’s words from the cross, for SATB choir, piano, and optional violin and cello. Available Fall 2014.


“How long, O God, will You neglect My prayer?
Will You forget these tears of dark despair?
Yet not My will, but Yours alone be done:
Forsake not man, but Me—Your sinless Son.
I, Christ the Son, obey Your great command,
Enduring punishment for sinful man.
As Son and silent Lamb, I choose this path:
Accept rejection to appease Your wrath.”

“O why, My God, have You forsaken Me?
Why have You now refused My final plea?
Though I cry out in sorrow, pain, and fear,
You turn Your back; in silence, disappear.
I, Christ the Son, bear all their sin alone,
Embracing judgment from Your glorious throne.
As Son and spotless Lamb, I shed My blood
To bring them boldly to Your face, My God.”

Tags: Lent, Worship

Instrumentation: Piano, Violin, Cello