Hinshaw Music, 2013

The text by Charles Anthony Silvestri traces the formation of a bell: bronze, mined from earth, first formed into weapons of war, then melted down and recast as a bell to toll for vespers, and eventually pealing out in victory and joy. The accompaniment of four-hand piano with optional handbells and percussion vividly paints the metallic sounds and bell imagery of the text. The metaphor for turning from war to peace makes the piece suitable for patriotic occasions, Earth Day, World Peace Day, and others.


A Bronze Triptych

Charles Anthony Silvestri
nata sum in venas altissimas
I was born in deepest veins of tin and copper cold
The metal blood of mother earth
Mined, melted, mixed,
Forged in fire,
Wrought by arms into arms
gladius, cetratus, hasta
concursus, tormento

Sword and shield and spear!
Cannon clash and clamor,
Dealing Death!

But then I was reborn.
When now my bronze strikes bronze
‘Tis not in clash of arms
Or blast of fire,
But to ring the vesper hour,
Or I may toll in requiem
As those who fall asleep
Are gathered back to earth.

And oh! To peal in celebration!
In victory, in festival,
In carillon of joy!
But greater still will be to sing
The dawning of that day
When war shall cease,
And on earth, peace
Everlasting I will ring!

Tags: Professional/Collegiate Repertoire, Silvestri

Instrumentation: Piano 4-hands, Percussion