Treble Choirs: I’ve heard your requests for major-work repertoire: I’m writing a complete SSAA version of LUX: The Dawn From On High !

The new voicing of this 35-minute work will allow treble choirs to sing the ethereal harmonies and chants of Illuminare, the assertive power of Lux in Tenebris, the soaring lines of The Sun Never Says (a cappella version already recorded exquisitely by BYU Women’s Choir)the jazzy rhythmic joy of Gloria, and the tranquil peace of Creator of the Stars of NightAccompaniment options will range from piano-only, to adding organ or percussion, to the existing chamber/small/full orchestral scorings.

Consortium members pay $500 to receive:
-vocal scores (PDF) for your choir
-choir/conductor names printed in the published vocal scores
-first performances before the general public (if desired, after Nov 6 2022; see below)
-free rental of any of the existing scores/parts, if desired, for your premiere performance (up to $400 value)

The lead commissioner, Vox Anima Chamber Choir (UK) (Dr. Jamie Meaders), will give the first performance in England, October 30, 2022. Consortium members may perform the work anytime after that date (at your discretion, not required by any deadline). (The music will become available to the general public in 2023).

UPDATE: This consortium is now closed.

Nineteen SSAA choirs helped sponsor this new work, and will be bringing it to life in the coming months!