My brother and his wife suffered a great tragedy in their lives, this week- the 4-month old daughter that they were in the process of adopting from Ethiopia died. They’ve been staring at her picture, praying for her, and loving her from halfway around the world, for these last months, so it’s a terrible loss for them. Our whole family has been grieving, and for the first time in my life, my life experience moved me to write music (normally the two are very separated, for me).

We got the tragic news Monday Oct. 13. Late that night, I looked for a text, and found an unbelievably perfect one for a memorial. Within an hour, I had most of it written. I finished the rest of the piece Tuesday (some late nights!), the BJU Chorale sang it through Wednesday, and Dr. Warren Cook agreed to adjust the program for their upcoming concert only 8 days away, to premiere it. The concert is next Friday Oct 24 at 6:30 and 8:00 PM in BJU’s War Memorial Chapel. (Tickets are required, but free…)

It has been a sorrowful and difficult week, even as we strive to trust God’s purposes and not our own desires and plans. But the miracle of this piece coming together this way has provided a meaningful outlet and a solace through this difficult time.

In the coming days before the premiere, I’ll share more about the text, its significance, and the music…

Right now, though, I’d like to point you to my brother’s blog, where you can read more about the circumstances that brought all this about. Their last five or six posts provide more of Etsegenet’s story, pictures, etc. Click here.