The premiere of Make A Joyful Noise went well. The Dorman High School (Spartanburg, SC) Chorus, Orchestra, and Band performed it in the Charleston Convention Center. A few ensemble problems in places, but considering that a piece of this difficulty was being performed by high schoolers, they did a fine job indeed!

Dorman has treated me royally, flying me into town, and putting me up in a super-nice hotel. Tonight, in celebration, we’re going on a dinner cruise in Charleston’s Historic Harbor. Should be a great time.

I learned a few things, too: Unison choir is more effective (especially for giant choirs like this) than we tend to think…Harp in an orchestra this big is truly a visual aid, not an aural contributor…and, muted triangle isn’t as effective as I thought it’d be. 🙂

The program also included selections from Mozart’s Requiem, a neat piece by Randall Stroope, the gorgeous Ave Maria by Franz Biebl, and a commissioned piece for a cappella choir by Leslie Gilreath.

All in all, it was a good afternoon…now off to the cruise!…