Summer is flying by, but I’ve been getting a lot of music written, which I’ll write about later. In this post, I’d like to highlight the brand-new orchestration for my setting of How Great Thou Art (which was published last year). It was originally orchestrated by Paul Thompson for Stonebriar Community Church. I was going to write my own orchestration for it, but I discovered that Paul had already done much of what I was going to do with it anyway. So rather than re-scoring the whole thing, I revised his orchestration a bit, and now it’s good to go!

It’s available from Beckenhorst Press directly (even though it’s not listed on their website yet). If you want to perform it this coming season with orchestra, give them a call! Here’s the audio of Paul’s original version. (Note that the revised version retains the flair of this original, but is performable by more…normal… church orchestras…!) 🙂